On Sundays we gather together to celebrate what God is doing; to encounter God, be provoked by God's word, and to respond in prayer.



We kick off at 10.30am on a Sunday morning and aim to be finished by 12pm (refreshments available from 10am). We sometimes share lunch together after our gathering - this is great opportunity to meet more people and chat, please do join us.


What are our Gatherings?

People from all over Leeds gathering together to worship, explore, pray, watch and move forward in life with Jesus at the centre.


What happens our gatherings?

We begin with a time where we seek to encounter God in worship. This could be through reading the Bible, prayer, singing songs to God or being silent. We then take some time to explore the Bible in such a way that we seek to be provoked into living a life that has Jesus at the centre of it. We then take some time to respond through prayer. This can be personal prayer, praying for each other (what we call prayer ministry) or simply talking things through.


What about children?

At our morning gathering we love to worship together with our kids. After worship each week our kids have the opportunity to go to different groups:  

Leap (pre-school - year 2), Chase (years 3-6), Fuel (years 6+). 

All of our children’s leaders have been DBS checked. 



Nothing is expected of you… we do all of the above but our desire is that you feel at home and feel comfortable just watching if you wish. Sometimes we may say or do things that don’t make much sense to you – we want to explain as much as possible as we go along, but please do ask if something needs explaining better.


What if I don’t know anyone?

We’re a really new Church and so you’re not the only one! If you like, you can send us an email before you come on Sunday and we can find a way to connect with you that makes you feel most comfortable or you can just come along and you will be welcomed on the door. 



As we’ve already said if you’d like to know more or connect with something that is going on at Riverside Church then please grab someone who looks like they know what they’re doing, fill in a welcome card at the information desk or send us an email.