Riverside Church was born out of a period of research and a lot of praying by a gathering of people in a disused shoe shop down by the canal in Leeds. 

One of the key stories that has shaped our journey is found in the book of Acts (New Testament). Paul and Silas were in the city of Philippi and they were looking for somewhere to pray. Down by the Riverside they bumped into a woman called Lydia and from that sprung up a mission oriented Church. The name Riverside is not about a geographical area but is a more a way of defining what we believe God is calling us to be: a movement of people committed to, and shaped by, prayer and mission. Our story has and continues to be shaped by our pursuit of that vision.

Along the way we've gathered on Sundays in a museum, various Church buildings, an office and we currently meet on a Sunday at Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane. But Riverside has never been just about Sundays. As a Church one of the most exciting things that we have seen God do is birth a number of missional communities around the city. Small gatherings of Christians committed to the values of Riverside meeting together and seeking to bless the people around them. 

Along the way we've grown. We are seeing  people becoming followers of Jesus, seeing our faith grow, seeing our friends become part of the family and on this journey we are learning to be vulnerable, to share life, to trust each other and God more. 

Riverside Church's story has been 5 years of God providing, guiding and stretching us. We hope and pray our story will continue to be about our commitment to our values and the vision that God has put before us.