We are inspired by three simple values:

Live By Faith.png

We want to be a people who live life in partnership with Jesus. We seek to know Him and love Him more as he knows and loves us.

Illustrate Hope.png

We want to be part of painting pictures, through our character, lifestyle and words, of the hope that is to be found in Jesus Christ. We long to see people come to know and walk in the saving love of God.

Known by Love.png

We aspire to walk in awareness of God's love for us and to experience His forgiveness and grace. Allowing this same love to shape our relationships. 


We live out these values in three different ways:


A rule of life is like a personalised training program for the follower of Jesus. We believe that our life with God is all about taking the 'next step' and asking the questions 'What is God saying?' and 'What are we going to do about it?'

These are the building blocks of Riverside Church – groups of people committed to God, to each other, and to living the values of Faith, Hope and Love together. These groups gather all over the city and are driven by a desire to be a blessing to all.

On Sundays our Missional Communities come together to celebrate what God is doing, to encounter God, be provoked by God's word, and to respond in prayer. Our gatherings are relaxed, informal and non-threatening (we promise)!