Riverside Church is part of the Church of England. 


 "Who is Jesus to you?"

answers from people who are part of Riverside Church: 


He’s the person I speak to most, the person who’s voice I trust the most, the person who’s life I want to imitate the most, the person I need the most.
Jesus is the restorer of humanity and the redeemer of creation.
Jesus is my Lord, my father, my friend.
He is my guide and my protector.
To me personally, Jesus is someone I admire and wish to lead my life like. He accepts me for who I am, is present in my life always and so has transformed my life in so many ways. He strengthens me, gives me hope and encourages me through the good and bad times I have experienced so far.
Jesus to me is a man who won’t go away. He chases and persues me. A good shepherd who loves his flock. He never gives up on me nor anyone else. Through the ages and through history he is always there, in conversations, debates, songs, stories. He is always there. He is to me, alive and always with me. He won’t go away.
Jesus is the guy who changed my life around. I realised that the historical Jesus was real and that what He did actually happened. He was God’s son who beat death and helps me live life. He’s what I live for.
Jesus is Lord of my life and my everlasting, unchanging hope...
Jesus is love, through him my life changed and through the cross he died not only for my sins but for everyone’s. No one else offers that kind of love.
Jesus is the creator, my King and my friend.
Jesus: The Ultimate Sacrifice.
I find it amazing that Jesus, who is creator of the whole universe, chose to be a humble human being - showing us how to live and love. He is mind-blowing.
Jesus invites me to live a life like he did, do the things he did, hope for the things he hoped for, have the relationship with God that he had...
God has been my closest friend and confidante since I was a little kid - and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. He is always faithful and dependable and I’m still learning more and more how much he loves me.